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A compliant training partner won't give you the experience of a violent encounter.

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My training is based around the idea that if you are attacked & you have taken my advice, you have a good chance to get back home to your loved ones.

Martial arts were originally created by warriors, to maim, kill and win wars. The problem with modern martial arts is they seem to have forgotten this. Most of the time martial arts instructors are teaching techniques that wonít work in a real scenario.

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West Worthing Tennis Club Titnore Lane, Worthing, West Sussex.

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ďThere are only two kinds of plans of campaign, the good and the bad. The good fail nearly always through unforeseen circumstances, which often make the bad succeed.Ē


Beware of trainers who tell you their system is the best. There is no such thing as an best system if something works it works, I am learning new techniques all the time, I train with people I consider the best, people who are far better than me. Always train with an open mind something that works for someone else might not work for you and vice versa. Train with as many top people as you can. Real self-defence training is snotty sweaty and dirty and should make you feel uncomfortable. If you want to learn real self-defence walk into a gym or dojo where you feel intimidated that way you will grow bigger and more confident.


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Classes at: West Worthing Tennis Club Titnore Way, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 3RT

Adults Karate Tuesday & Thursday 8.00 PM

Childrens Karate Tuesday & Thursday 4.30 PM

Self Defence Tuesday 8.00 PM

BEAR PIT MMA Elite Fitness & fight training Tuesday & Thursday 8.00 PM


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Northbrook & Worthing 6th form Approved Conflict Management Trainer


Combat Karate

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Weight Loss

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I trained in martial arts for 15 years; I had tough fights hard sparring and many cuts and bruises, but still felt untested in a real sense, so at the age of 36 I went and worked on the door. What the dojo canít prepare you for is people coming at you who really want to hurt you; people who will think nothing of pushing a glass in your face or neck, stamp on your head and laugh as they leave you in a pool of blood. Unlike the training hall or gym there is no time to think when it kicks off. Most of the fights I had, if Iím really honest I canít remember what I did to win them, but I learnt very quickly I did have to win them or I was going to be fucked up. The mainstay of my time on the door was not in teams, but working one man doors and venues, when the fight was on I had to win or there was a good chance I would be dead. Scumbags are quite happy to play football with a bouncerís head once heís down. The only person watching my back was me.

David Oakley is a registered Physical Intervention trainer & Fully qualified conflict management trainer

30 years study of martial arts and real combative training on the pavement arena.

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